Proyecto Isla Verde has established active partnership with Italian leading firms in their relevant fields of activity:


CUBAENERGIA | www.cubaenergia.cu

The Center for Information Management and Energy Development (Cubanergia), under the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (CITMA), is a public entity budgeted for research services, and technical development in the field of energy and environment. Its mission is to develop products and technologies for energy sustainability, and information campaigns can improve scientific literacy in the country.


CORPORACION CUBA RON S.A.  | www.cubaron.com

Corporación Cuba Ron S.A. is a Company established in 1993 with the aim of unifying the most famous and traditional Cuban rum factories in a united and strong corporate structure, with the flexibility needed to face the challenges of world trade. Over the years it has been able to internationally distinguish itself and to make the World appreciate its prestigious brands like Ron Havana Club and Ron Santiago de Cuba.



Cis Estero | www.cisestero.it

Since 1978 CIS Estero offers to Italian and foreign Companies its services in the area of export trade and finance, with particular attention to initiatives for the treatment of waste and the production of energy from renewable sources.

Thanks to the wide network of associates and international partners, CIS Estero maintains a constant presence in several geographical areas, gathering requests and stimulating local opportunities for the finalization of business initiatives.

Proyecto Isla Verde also enjoys deep contacts with leading Italian entrepreneurs in the industrial fields related to its institutional purposes. Depending on the initiative to be developed, we know how to choose the right partner with experience, dimension and technical capability, with the aim of achieving the best results and satisfactions for all the involved parties.

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