Proyecto Isla Verde arises from the will to cooperate with the Government of the Republic of Cuba, in the aim to apply the State policy of Sustainable Development and to reach the Country’s priority targets in the field of energy.

Within the framework of the Sustainable Development, a major role is played by the increase of production of energy from renewable sources, the correct and rational consumption of electricity and the improvement of the distribution networks.

Our mission is to cooperate with the local partners (Ministry of Agriculture, Cuba Energia, Cuba Ron, and other main entities) in reaching the main targets, through the development of a number of activities, namely:

  • the scientific research, targeted on the growth and exploitation of new technologies of waste recycling;
  • the introduction of modern approaches for the correct management of the municipality solid wastes;
  • the energetic valorization of the biomasses and wastes coming from the agriculture and zootechnical activities;
  • the establishment of new ventures in the field of energy production from renewable sources;
  • the evaluation and introduction of energy efficiency practices in hospital, schools, industries, public lighting.
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